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classic bedroom


A decorative pillow that can be used either behind the standard pillows or in front of the standard pillows, used to sleep on.

Standard Pillow

The pillow used to sleep on.

Boudoir Sham

A small rectangular decorative pillow. The dimensions usually are 12″ x 16″.

Nackroll Sham

A small cylindrical decorative pillow. This is usually the finishing piece, and is being placed in front of the duvet fold.

Flat Sheet

This is also referred to as top sheet. This item is located between the fitted sheet and the duvet.

Duvet Cover

A decorative and protective cover for your duvet.

Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet is used to tightly fit around your mattress.


A bed cover featuring sides that hang off the bed. They are typically in pique or materlassé fabric and go on top of the duvet or flat sheet.

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