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Easy Ideas for Spare Rooms

Having a spare room is a nice problem to have. Without giving it some sort of purpose, however, it could easily turn into a glorified walk-in closet or storage unit. Keep that from happening by transforming that extra room into a man cave, study, game room or some other useful, relaxing, enjoyable type of space.

You don’t have to bring in a remodeling company to make that spare room something special. Which of these ideas piques your interest the most?

Craft Room

Whether you’re into scrapbooking, sewing or other types of crafts, having a designated place in the home for your hobby is nice. Arts and crafts supplies will no longer be strewn across the kitchen table or other inconvenient places, and you will have all the peace and quiet you need. Just bring in some shelves, cubbies, a large table and a comfortable chair, and you’ll be good to go.

Media Room

Depending on your preferences, this could also strictly be a music room. However, a media room is more versatile. Buy the biggest flat-screen TV you can afford, bring in a large, comfy sofa or sectional, invest in a decent sound system and stereo and let the good times roll.

Man Cave

Man Cave: Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve

A guy’s sanctuary doesn’t have to be an actual cave. That extra room is a much better place for a man cave than the garage, shed or basement. The guy who will be using it should decide what goes in it, but things like a mini fridge, a large TV and some comfortable seats are great places to start.


Adults and kids occasionally need a quiet place to catch up on work or homework. Make the extra room a study by adding some bookcases, a large desk, a spare computer and plenty of office supplies. In one fell swoop, you’ll create the perfect place to focus and be productive.

Game Room

From video games to billiards, an extra room can easily serve as a game room. Just bring in a card table, board games, cards and whatever other entertaining things you have around the house. A TV can be used for video games, and a stereo can help the room double as a music room too.

The above tips are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. People have turned spare rooms into yoga studios, cat playrooms, bars and more. With a little imagination and a small amount of effort, you can give what used to be empty space some actual purpose.

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