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Guest Room Ideas

The guest room – or spare bedroom – could make or break vacations or sleep overs. A bedroom should be a combination of function and fashion.

For a family with kids that hosts a lot of slumber parties, a bunk bed in the spare bedroom would be helpful. Depending on whether it’s boys or girls, the color scheme could be important. If girls usually have more slumber parties, get a light and fun color. If not, get black or white. A neutral color works well no matter what. A day bed serves the same purpose as the bunk bed. A trundle bed can be stored underneath. Again, choose the color carefully.

For a guest room that needs to be made up quickly without looking shabby, consider pulling out the spare bedding. A neutral sheet (white will work best) goes down, then a blanket. Pillows can be scavenged from the kids and pillowcases taken off. The usual bedding can be thrown through the wash. If it finishes before your guests arrive, use it.


standing lamp

If there is no overhead lighting in the bedroom, get a floor lamp. If one lamp is not enough, get another. However, keep in mind that if more than one is needed, order the same model. This keeps distracting decor differences from breaking the room. A table lamp is a good option if the room already has an overhead light and just needs a light for late night reading or getting
around early in the morning.



Should the room not have a closet that is incredibly functional, getting some storage would be good. Depending on the size, a dresser would be fine. If it is too small for a dresser, consider getting wall mounted shelving. Starting small here is a good idea. Another idea is to get rolling storage. This would be useful if the guest room isn’t used often and doesn’t need storage all the time. The rolling storage can then be moved into a room where it is really needed.

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