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How to create a Backyard Playground

Young children often want something to do outside. One of the ways that you can help in making sure they have fun is to create a playground area. The playground can be any size as long as you have enough space in the backyard. There are several designs that you can create, such as a pirate playground or one that features princesses and castles.

Playing in the Sand – Sandboxes


A sandbox is often a fun way for children to use their imagination. It’s easy to make with a few boards, some plastic and sand. You can even add colored sand to make it a little more special for the children. Nail enough pieces of strong boards together to make something similar to a large flower box. You want to make the box high enough for children to easily get in and out of while making it large enough for them to have room to play. After the boards are built in the shape of a square, you can paint the box in a color desired by the children. Place a large piece of plastic in the bottom of the box. This will keep the sand from getting on the ground, and it can help when cleaning the sand out of the box when it gets dirty. Add the sand so that it reaches a little over halfway to the edge.

Swinging Away – Backyard Swing


A tire swing is often a big hit with children. All you need is an old tire and some sturdy rope. Tie the rope to the tire so that it’s secure. Make sure the rope is tied tightly over a strong tree branch as well. It’s best to place the tire just above the ground for the safety of the children using it so that it’s not so high. You can paint the tire in any color, but some children prefer to keep it black as it gives an older look to the swing. You can cut part of the tire to make a swing for small children to that they can easily sit on the swing while you push them.

Playing in the Trees – Treehouse Fun


The treehouse is an addition to backyard where children can use their imagination. All you need to do is build a basic treehouse and help the children decorate it with carpet, rugs, curtains and even furniture so that it’s like their own little house outside.

One of the ways to make sure the area is as safe as possible is to place mulch or a rubber mat underneath the area. This can help in preventing scratches and bumps if children fall. Ensure that everything is secure before children play on the equipment. If you notice any kind of rust or loose boards, they need to be replaced as soon as possible.

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