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How to defend against mosquitoes

Are mosquitoes threatening to ruin your summer fun? No one likes spending most of their time outdoors trying to ward off these pesky pests. If your yard is a mosquito haven, take heart. Eliminating them is easier than you probably think. By doing the work now, you will be able to enjoy a fun, happy summer without constantly dealing with this nasty pest.

Eliminate Standing Water

standing water

Mosquitoes need standing water to breed. It’s where they lay their eggs, so if your property has lots of puddles and other areas with stagnant water, it’s little wonder that you have a mosquito problem. Mosquitoes grow from eggs into adults in just eight to 10 days, so the sooner you eliminate standing water around the property, the better. Fill in holes in the ground to keep puddles at bay. Pull tarps tight so water won’t collect in the folds. Keep swimming pool water properly treated, and occasionally empty out and refill bird baths and other features that are designed to hold water.

Keep Up with the Landscaping

overgrown grass

An overgrown yard is a utopia for mosquitoes, so don’t let things slide out there. Mosquitoes feed on organic material, so long grass, dead leaves, mulch and other materials help them thrive. Trim bushes and trees regularly to keep them from becoming overgrown and providing a haven for these biting pests. While you’re at it, occasionally clean out the gutters to not only remove decaying organic material but to keep water from collecting there. This will help protect the structural integrity of your roof too.

Additional Tips

Mosquito Trap

A few other steps you can take to make your yard less appealing to this pest include:

  • Use LED lights, sodium lights or yellow bug lights for outdoor lighting; they don’t attract mosquitoes.
  • Invest in a trapping system. They’re expensive, but they get the job done.
  • Light citronella candles an hour before you plan to be out in the yard.

Treat Your Yard with Legal Pesticides

The right pesticides can dramatically reduce mosquito populations. Please keep in mind that some pesticides are banned in Ontario. The government maintains a website outlining which pesticides are free to use, which require permits and which are banned. Before investing in any products, make sure you are allowed to use them.

By following the steps above and treating your yard with a safe, legal, effective pesticide, you can enjoy a long, fun summer without being swarmed by mosquitoes at every turn.

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