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The most popular kitchen ideas of 2014

Every year, new makeover ideas and innovative twists come and go, but some interior styles and designs are here to stay. Whether you are looking for ideas on a new kitchen, or tips on a kitchen makeover, you can get inspired with some of these popular kitchen trends of 2014.

Grey is the new white

Grey Kitchen
Image courtesy of Houzz

For many years, white was the most popular contemporary colour scheme. However, since 2014 grey is the new white. Grey kitchen designs are edgy and modern, yet still classy and sophisticated. Do you like the elegance of white, but are not sure a “bland, cold” kitchen design works for you? Then, grey is your colour!

Classic black and white never dies

Black Kitchen
by Houston Photographers JONATHAN CALVERT | Interiors Photographer

It’s all about high contrast interiors! So the look may change as styles evolve, but the appeal of a black-and-white kitchen never dies. Black and white designs are modern and stylish. They are subtle, yet so elegant and classy. Black and white kitchens add personality to the room, and are far from boring.

Kitchen islands and open shelving can maximize kitchen storage

by Inglewood Architects & Building Designers (fer) studio

Kitchen storage is always an issue, especially if your kitchen is short on space. Clever multi-tiered drawers, corner drawers, and pantry organizers make your kitchen more accessible and organized. But if you’d like to double up your storage add more shelving to your kitchen. A growing trend of 2014 were kitchen islands’ drawers and open shelving. If you have the space for an island, adding drawers and pullout shelves will give you more storage options. As for open shelving, they have design and appeal; they are fancy, eye catching and very useful. Whether it is to put up dishes, or to show off your fancy kitchen accessories, open shelving adds both style and storage to your kitchen.

Corner sinks save space

by Crosslake General Contractors Lands End Development – Designers & Builders

Corners are usually not fully utilized, thus cutting off in storage space and working area. Now, small, compact corner sinks are an ideal solution for small kitchens. Corner sinks are one of the most popular ideas of 2014, finding application in both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.

Think functionality

by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Regina Meira

Regardless of whether you have a big or small kitchen space, design or remodel your kitchen with functionality in mind. The most popular kitchen ideas of 2014 include designs that account for functionality. Wastebaskets in base cabinets, tilt out sink trays, knife shelves, roll-out cabinet trays, tiered carousel trays, lighting strips, and energy-efficient appliances were all top preferred features of the most popular 2014 kitchen designs.  A home’s heart easily becomes useless if not functional, so consider smart design to make your kitchen space both appealing and functional.

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Anne-Marie Grantham

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