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The Ultimate Checklist for Exterior House Cleaning and Maintenance

Benefits of Regular House Maintenance

A well-kept house and grounds is pleasing to the eye, enhances the overall appearance of the neighborhood and increases property value. An ordinary house can look charming and attractive when the exterior is neat and well-ordered. Trees, flower beds and herb gardens add color, contrast and variety of scale. Siding kept in good shape adds to the street appeal of a house. The first thing a prospective buyer sees is the exterior. A well-maintained exterior suggests that the owner is attentive to both outside and inside house maintenance.

To start, make a plan and schedule. Address what kinds of lawn and exterior house maintenance jobs you are interested in doing yourself and which ones may be better hired out to make sure that they actually get done.

Some exterior house maintenance tasks are year-round, while others are seasonal or just once a year. Lawn care is best done according to the weather and growth cycles of plants and trees. Regularly mulching beds cuts down on weed growth, protects the roots of plants from extremes of weather and preserves moisture.

Like any other house cleaning program, the entire family can pitch in. Children can collect toys, rake leaves or do other tasks appropriate for their age. Everyone will enjoy the result of a pleasant outdoor living space.

Anne-Marie Grantham

Anne-Marie Grantham

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