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The Ultimate Guide to Moving

Moving home will be less stressful if you organize and plan your move beforehand. Planning the move will make you move with ease and help you feel relaxed on moving day. The best way to plan is to make a checklist with a time line for comfortable moving.

One Month before the Move

Your checklist for a month before your move should include getting packing supplies, getting rid of belongings you don’t want, notifying local services and people about the move, shopping among movers to transport your belongings. Buy mover’s insurance. Make a note of any damage like scratches or cracks in your furniture.

One Week before the Move

Make a plan of your new home and plan what furniture and belongings will go into each room. Call utility companies and arrange for the change of address. Start packing your belongings in a box systematically as one or two rooms in one day. Pack glass and fragile items in a medium sized box. Line the box with crumpled newspaper. Wrap each glass or fragile item with newspaper and place them in the box. Leave room at the top. Cover with layers of newspaper and tape the box. Pack all pictures. Pack all bathroom items. Roll all bed linen and pack them. Label all boxes for easy identification. Stuff any space in a box with newspaper for easy stacking. Reconfirm with the moving company. Make two inventory copies of the contents of the boxes. Put one in the box and keep one with you.

Day before the Move

Pack a change of clothes and pack all cosmetics and toiletries that you will need on the day you arrive at your new home in a bag. Order pizza to be delivered before you set out. Buy milk tea and coffee and make a food bag. Put all curtains in a separate box for the car and label the box. Put all boxes in the front room.

The Day of the Move

Old Home

Once the movers come, close rooms as soon as they are emptied. Place your change of clothes bag in an easy to reach place in your car. Pack your food bag in an easy to reach place in the car. Pack your curtain box in the car. Check if all your belongings have been packed before closing your old home. Leave the keys including the garage key and the post box key inside the house. Label the keys clearly. Write the code of the security system in a piece of paper and leave it with the keys.

New Home

Go to your new home before the moving truck reaches. Turn on all utilities. Stand near the entrance of your home and tell the movers where you want furniture, belongings and boxes to go. When the mover gives you the bill of lading to sign, write ‘Subject to Loss or Damage’ above your signature. Put the curtains up.
With a systematic approach you can move home confidently and without stress.

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