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Welcoming spring into your home

Winter’s grip has loosed, and spring has finally sprung. With the new season already here, it is time to welcome spring into your home! These tips and ideas will really lighten up your home, and make the transition to spring a breeze.

Get organized

Make space for spring! Clear the clutter, and organize your closets, drawers, cabinets and storage spaces. Unclutter the display areas, untangle chaotic cords and rearrange the furniture to create more space around your house. The less mess and chaos there is around your rooms, the more spacious and airy your home will look. So take some time to get organized, and …

Bring colours to your home

Lighten and brighten up your house with a fresh coat of paint. Give your walls, your doors and your furniture a renewed look that matches the season. Pack up the wintery drapes and duvets, and say hello to lighter spring linens and curtains. Small things make the difference, so opt for bright vivid colours to give a new energy and vibe to your home.

Let the outdoors come in

Open your windows to let the pleasing spring scents float into your house. Let the sun shine in, and the fresh air to circulate. There’s nothing like a warm spring breeze to invite the season into a lively living space. Also, freshly cut flowers or potted plants will add colour and energy to your home. Add some spring floral arrangements to welcome spring and bring some of its bloom into your living space.

Fire up the barbeque

What better way to celebrate spring than fire up the barbecue and enjoy the outdoors? Before you treat your family and friends to your first backyard BBQ for the season, make sure your barbecue is clean and ready to use. Wipe its internal racks, change the rocks and replace the propane tank. Also, make sure your backyard is ready to welcome guests! Trim the shrubs, clean any fallen branches, and remove any debris that winter winds have landed on your yard. Spring will be soon at its full bloom, and with these small fixes you can boost the splendor of your garden just in time for your first family event.

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