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Yard Revitalization Tips

Many homeowners spend tons of cash getting their yard ready for the summer season. Fortunately, you don’t have to go over your budget to revive your property. Consider some ways to renew your yard for summer. Here are some high impact, low-cost yard revitalization tips:

Treat Your Grass

lawn sprinkler

Dry, dead patches of grass can destroy the lustrous natural beauty of a lawn, but you can successfully treat dead patches on a budget. Watering your lawn twice a day for a few days is a low-cost way to restore colour and vibrancy to grass that is turning brown. Grass seeds range anywhere from $15-$20 a bag at most home improvement or gardening stores. Each bag can provide multiple treatments for small, dead areas of grass.

Replace Your Furniture

lawn furniture

Any backyard can look drab when cluttered with old, worn furniture. Consider donating unwanted furniture to a homeless shelter or charitable organization in the area. Toss broken pieces, and visit local stores to find inexpensive furniture and decorations to spice up your property. Place a fresh coat of paint on worn wooden surfaces outdoors as well.

Add Some Blossoms

planting flowers

Bulbs are excellent choices for homeowners who want attractive flower colours and an arrangement that requires low maintenance. Adding flowers in complementary shades illuminates your property with colour. For less than $10 apiece, you can purchase a pot of mature flowers that are ready to be planted anywhere on your lawn. Growing your own flowers from bags of seeds is a cost-effective choice way to create the garden of your dreams. A bag of $20 fertilizer can revive dying flowerbeds, and keep new ones vibrant and healthy all season.

Add Lighting

yard lighting

Illuminate a backyard cloaked in darkness with lights. Adding decorative outdoor lamps in your backyard creates a beautiful backdrop on summer nights suitable for entertaining family, friends and guests.

Fight Mosquitoes

mosquito torches

Ward off mosquitoes by removing pools of standing or muddy water around your house. Purchasing a mosquito repellent torch or bug zapper for $10-$20 is also effective. Removing dead foliage, scattered sticks, thatch, and weeds does wonders for improving the look of a backyard and reducing its mosquito population.

Here’s more detailed information on how to deal with mosquitoes (opens in new window/tab).

Water at the Right Time


Watering your grass at the appropriate time is important. Experts recommend that homeowners water around midnight to prevent evaporation issues. This allows the water to deeply nourish the soil and prepares it for surviving sizzling sun-rays the next day.

Homeowners who are willing to put in a little work and cash can maintain a beautiful property for the summer season. Investing in the appropriate collection of garden tools and equipment and products is wise for any homeowner looking to revitalize their yard on a budget for years to come.

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